Series "Etna"

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The "ETNA" series bring together the range of continuous casting furnaces with capacity of the crucible from 10 up to 140 kg. The user is helped in his work from a graphical interface and display. Access to the machine body is secured by a tubular frame and movable panel for easy maintenance. The drive system for profile is made aluminum body is completely cooled and driven by a stepper motor coupled to a planetary gear, it should be integrated with the casting chamber. All this system is closed by a cover easy to remove: the access to equipment melting (Ceramic jacket, chain bushings, thermocouples) is very fast minimizing the time for replacement. The cooling socket, in harmony with the equipment has been refined so that it can offer the best possible performance. The heart of the machine consists of a mid-frequency system completely designed and built by the Technical Opdel. These furnaces are often used for special profiles where the amount of metal to be melted is high. It can use accessories such as shears or saws for the cutting of profile, trays for cooling the same. In some case an additional tilting head can fill the empty crucible directly with liquid metal in order to reduce the stop of the production.

Panel control Membrane keyboard with LCD graphic display and thermal printer for printing working cycles data.
Heating System Electric induction with no audible frequency
Pulling System With gearmotor, frequency and step adjustable, towing wheels and guide rollers
Gas protection By inert Gas
Cooling Long cooling socket for the die and regulation through bronze cooling rings
Optional Charging tilting head, saw or shear with holders, scarps saver, short cooling socket with water tank for profile rapid cooling.
Model Power Crucible Capacity Profile Sizes  Overall Sizes Temperature
Etna 10 15,0 Kw 11,2kg Au 18kt 14,0Kg Au 24Kt 7,6Kg Ag 925 n. 1 Wire ø 8÷40mm n. 4 Wire ø 8÷12mm Plate (60÷75)x(5÷10)mm Tube ø 14+40 sp/th>=2 1050x815xh1750mm 310 Kg 1.250°C 1.400°C (opt)
Etna 15 20,0 Kw 16,2kg Au 18kt 20,0Kg Au 24Kt 11,0Kg Ag 925 n. 1 Wire ø 8÷40mm n. 5 Wire ø 8÷12mm Plate (60÷90)(15÷10)mm Tube ø 14+40 sp/th>=2 1050x815xh1750mm 360 Kg 1.250°C 1.400°C (opt)
Etna 20 22,0 Kw 20,6kg Au 18kt 25,6Kg Au 24Kt 14,0Kg Ag 925 n. 1 Wire ø 8÷40mm n. 6 Wire ø 8÷12mm Plate (75÷100)(15÷10)mm Tube me 14+40 sp/th>=2 1050x1015xh1950mm 390 Kg 1.250°C 1.400°C (opt)
Etna 30 24,0 Kw 30,8kg Au 18kt 38,3Kg Au 24Kt 21,0Kg Ag 925 n. 1 Wire ø 8÷40mm n. 7 Wire ø 8÷12mm Plate (75÷115)x(5÷10)mm Tube ø 14+40 sp/th>=2 1050x1015xh1950mm 400 Kg 1.250°C 1.400°C (opt)
Etna 50 30,0 Kw 51,4kg Au 18kt 64,0Kg Au 24Kt 34,8Kg Ag 925 n. 1 Wire ø 8÷40mm n. 8 Wire ø 8÷12mm Plate (115÷125)(15÷10)mm Tube ø 14÷40 sp/th>=2 1050x1015xh1950mm 465 Kg 1.250°C 1.400°C (opt)

All models can have a special drawing optional for production of ø80tube.