Milking Machines and Parts

Milking Machines and Parts

Inspired from international technology, we are amongst the pioneers in automatic milking (AM) solution providers.

AM systems need sensors to observe and control the milking process, in the same way as the milker is doing. AM systems are therefore equipped with a variety of sensors.

These sensors should be the ‘eyes’ of the AM system and their task is to control the milking process and to detect any abnormalities. Each AM system is equipped with sensors to control the technical functioning of the AM system, like cow identification, teat-cup attachment, vacuum level, and start of the milk letdown process.

Most AM systems also have other sensors to control the quality of the milk process, e.g. to measure milk yield, check on abnormalities in the milk and on udder health, while online measurement of the milk temperature, feed intake, and body weight is optional.

All measurements are automatically stored in the database and a management program is used to analyze these data and to control the settings and conditions for the cows to be milked.

Attention lists and reports are presented to the farmer by screen or printer messages. In urgent cases like a breakdown, or severe problems with a cow, the system immediately warns the herdsworker by sending a text message via a mobile phone.

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