Loose Diamond

Loose Diamond

The end product of a raw diamond cut, fashioned, and polished for practical use is a Loose Diamond. These diamonds are available for purchase and are ready to be set into any piece of jewelry that you desire.

With loose diamonds, you can produce unique jewelry with the exact size, form, cut, color, and color that you want. The more intimate aspect of this is that you can obtain what set-up diamonds cannot offer.

We are aware that trust and transparency play a vital role when engaging in the purchase of diamonds. That's why all our loose diamonds include certificates from reputable gemological labs such as GIA, IGI and HRI, which guarantee their authenticity, as well as the quality you can rely on.

Our pledge to the best quality guarantees that you have what you paid for a diamond of exceptional quality and worth.

The benefit of having a certificate is the peace of mind you receive knowing the diamond is high-quality as it has been carefully evaluated for clarity, cut, and carat weight, which is a guarantee of its quality.

Loose diamonds allow a much wider scope of choice than pre-set diamonds. You can choose among diamonds of different sizes, cutting styles, colors, and clarity grades.

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