Turnkey Dairy Projects


Turnkey Dairy Projects refer to an all-in-one solutions from starting to a full fledged running dairy farm. It includes everything from planning & building farm to providing appropriate equipment, herd management, setting up processing units, and ensuring high-quality product output. It is like a package deal that takes care of every step to make your dairy business successful.

Turnkey Dairy Projects by Delmer Group offer complete solutions to start and improve dairy operations. From the beginning to full-scale production, we simplify & the setup dairy facility needs, ensuring it runs smoothly, is productive, and delivers top-quality dairy products.

Turnkey Design and Installation Solutions

At Delmer Group, we understand the intricacies of dairy farming, and our turnkey solutions cover every aspect, from ensuring of high-quality cattle well-being and herd management to the setup of state-of-the-art processing units. We prioritize quality at every step, implementing rigorous quality control measures to guarantee the excellence of your dairy products.

Sheds Planning: Milking, Dry, Heifers of Various Age Groups

  • Delmer Group specializes in the design and installation of sheds for milking, dry cows, and heifers of various age groups.
  • Tailored solutions for calf sheds, ensuring optimal care and comfort.

Calf Sheds

  • Calf sheds are designed to provide a safe and comfortable space for young calves on a dairy farm, ensuring their well-being and healthy development.
  • These sheds incorporate proper ventilation, temperature control, and convenient access for feeding and care.

Feed Storage Facilities

  • Delmer Group ensures the efficient and well-organized installation of feed storage facilities.
  • Customized solutions for bulk feed storage, guaranteeing accessibility and freshness.

Silage Pits

  • Silage pits are used for storing fermented forage, a type of animal feed.
  • They help in fermenting and preserving green forage for better nutrition for livestock.

Efficient Manure Handling Systems

  • Manure handling systems efficiently collect and dispose of animal waste, maintaining cleanliness in turnkey dairy projects.
  • They also play a role in recycling nutrients, using manure as a valuable resource for sustainable farming practices.

Quarantine Areas

  • Quarantine areas are designed spaces in turnkey dairy projects to isolate and assess new livestock, preventing the spread of diseases
  • They ensure a thorough health evaluation of incoming animals before joining the main herd, supporting disease prevention and overall herd well-being.

Labour Quarters

  • Delmer Group ensures the construction of comfortable and functional living quarters for farm personnel.
  • Consideration of ergonomic design and amenities for the well-being of workers.

Administrative Block

  • Design and installation of administrative facilities for farm management.
  • Integration of offices, meeting rooms, and control centres for efficient operations.

Strategic Drainage Layout

  • Delmer Group implements a well-thought-out drainage layout to prevent waterlogging.
  • Incorporation of drainage solutions for both sheds and open areas.

Utilities Planning, Including Electricity and Water

  • Planning and installation of essential utilities, including electricity and water supply.
  • Sustainable solutions for efficient resource utilization and conservation.

Extended Amenities

  • Delmer Group provides tailored solutions based on specific project requirements.
  • Implementation of technological advancements for improved farm operations.

For more information or to avail of our products and services, please Contact Us. We look forward to assisting you in establishing a successful and efficient dairy operation tailored to your specific needs.