Automatic DEL TMR Wagon, For Cattle Feed Making, 1000 -1500 kg

A Del TMR mixer-wagon is a specialist agricultural machine used for accurately weighing, mixing, and distributing total mixed ration (TMR) for ruminant farm animals, in particular cattle and most commonly, dairy cattle. A TMR is a method of feeding cows that combines feeds formulated to a specific nutrient content into a single feed mix. The mix contains the following feeds: Forages, Grains, Protein feeds that help cattle and other animals improve their well-being and are good for health.

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Product Specification

Type of Machine Cattle Feed Machine
Motor Power 25 HP
Material Mild Steel
Weight 500 kg
Automation Grade Automatic
Capacity 1000 - 1500 kg
Application Cattle Feed Making
Usage Small to Large Dairy Farms


Other Details:

  • It helps to reduce feed costs and improve profitability of the dairy farm.
  • It mixes all animal feed uniformly on a daily basis and discharges the feed to the manger.
  • It also reduces labour costs involved in feeding the animals on a daily basis.