Metal Pad Printing Technology

A "multicolour pad medal press" is a specialized printing and pressing machine designed for creating medals with intricate, multicoloured designs. This equipment utilizes pad printing technology, where a silicone pad transfers ink from an engraved metal plate onto the medal's surface. The term "multicolour" indicates the capability to apply multiple hues, allowing for a broader range of design possibilities. The inclusion of "medal press" highlights its tailored functionality for producing medals, considering their unique shapes, sizes, and materials. Overall, this machine is adept at achieving detailed and vibrant multicoloured prints on medals.

Technical Details

Technical Details Specifications
Mode of Operation Automatic with brushless motors
Hot Air Hot Wind at 200°C
Cliché Dimensions 100x200 mm
Hermetic Ink Cup Dimensions Diameter 90 mm
Max Printing Area Diameter 75 mm
Horizontal Pad Stroke 240 mm
Vertical Pad Stroke 100 mm
Maximum Printing Pressure 4000 N
Electric Power Supply 400/220 V
Pneumatic Power Supply 6 BAR
Weight 850 Kg
Loading Manual
Unloading Manual
Output 350 pieces/hour
Automatic Pads Cleaning Yes
Camera 3
Feeder Linear transfer 1 jig brushless motor

Applications Across Industries

  • Sports and Recognition:

    Highlight the use of multicolour pad printing in medals and recognition awards.
  • Corporate Events:

    Showcase how multicolour pad printing adds a touch of sophistication to corporate and commemorative medals.
  • Educational Achievement:

    Discuss the importance of vibrant colours in academic and achievement medals.

Tips for Successful Multicolor Pad Printing Projects

  • Artwork Preparation:

    Provide insights into preparing artwork for multicolour printing.
  • Choosing the Right Inks:

    Guide readers on selecting links suitable for their specific medal materials.
  • Quality Control Measures:

    Emphasize the importance of quality control throughout the printing process.

1. How Multi-Color Pad Medal Press Works?

Exploring the intricate journey from ink selection to precise pad transfers, revealing the technology that seamlessly blends and applies up to five vibrant colours onto medals.

2. Crafting Multilayered Designs:

Delving into the world of multilayered designs and gradients. Exploring the meticulous registration process the breathes life into intricate medal artwork using multiple colours.

3. Where Five Colours Make a Difference:

Witnessing the varied use of multi-colour pad medal presses, from sports championships to corporate recognitions. Discovering how these presses create medals that tell stories in a vivid spectrum.

4. Quality Assurance in Multi-Colour Printing:

Delving into the science behind ensuring the durability of multi-colour prints. Understanding the roles of ink adhesion, wear resistance, and material compatibility in maintaining the integrity of vibrant designs.

5. Pro Tips: Navigating Multicolor Printing Landscape:

Gaining insights into successful projects with practical tips for designing and executing multicolour medal prints. Learning about choosing the right inks, preparing artwork, and quality control measures for a flawless outcome.