Delmer activity tags (pedometers) for Dairy Cows, Buffaloes & Goats
Delmer activity tags (pedometers) for Dairy Cows, Buffaloes & Goats
Delmer activity tags (pedometers) for Dairy Cows, Buffaloes & Goats
Delmer activity tags (pedometers) for Dairy Cows, Buffaloes & Goats
Delmer activity tags (pedometers) for Dairy Cows, Buffaloes & Goats
Delmer activity tags (pedometers) for Dairy Cows, Buffaloes & Goats

Delmer activity tags (pedometers) for Dairy Cows, Buffaloes & Goats


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Herd Management System
Today, every Farmer's MAIN goal is to have economical management system which provides his  calves to rise independently and to introduce semen into the genital tract of a female calves of his choiced bulls.
Our concept is apperanty provides farmer every solutions regarding management of cow-buffalo herds instead of others, providing management systems separately.
Our HERD MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is not only providing  Highly accurate HEAT detection but ALSO useful in achive
>Health and welfare monitoring
>Feed behaviour Analysis for increased efficiency
>Calving alert 
>Advance milk meter
  • Unlike other heat detection systems which are based only on simple activity deviations, resulting in a high rate of false alarms, HSM uses real-time monitoring, based on a wide variety of parameters, which are far more advanced. Our monitoring and analysis of the cow’s activity patterns allow for optimal precision in detection of the time and duration of the heat. Consequently, Herd management system accurately identifies the optimal insemination time, substantially improving conception and pregnancy rates.

    The cow’s ability to express natural estrous heat behavior can be inhibited by many variables, such as the cow's health status, productive performance and the environment. High yield, lameness, metabolic disorders and any other health issue, heat stress, social stress, overcrowding and housing type are known to have a direct impact on the cow’s ability to exhibit typical heat behavior.Our SYSTEM's advanced data analysis provides highly accurate heat detection even under these limitations.

    Abortion Detection
    Abortions can create  a Measurable financial loss, and HMS's early detection of abortions minimizes these losses. It is a basic need to continuously monitor a pregnant cow’s activity in order to ensure that the cow maintains its pregnancy. Detecting pregnancy loss at any point during the gestation period helps prevent considerable financial losses. Research done on this unique design  has shown that investing resources in abortion detection is just as economical as investing in new pregnancies.

    Monitoring female calves
    Detection of the beginning of cyclical patterns and assessment of their intensity, along with physical data such as size and height, can provide information on the calve’s readiness for insemination. This enables the female calves to enter the productive cycle earlier and lower the conception age. Inseminating heifers earlier and decreasing conception age reduces the time and costs invested until the animal is productive. This prevents heifers from reaching their first pregnancy at a state of excess weight and age.

    Cystic Activity Detection
    Herd Management system can detect cows with cystic activity, which could be a substantial cause of infertility. This condition requires treatment before the cow can be effectively inseminated, and early detection reduces the cow’s open days. One of the advantages of our continuous behavior monitoring is the system's ability to identify cows showing irregular heat cycles. These irregular intervals may indicate cystic ovaries. This condition could be a significant cause of infertility. Cystic ovaries must be treated before a cow can be effectively inseminated. Early detection of this condition reduces the cow’s empty days, as well as saving the costs incurred by an ineffective insemination.

The herd’s health and welfare are a prime concern for the dairy manager, as they directly affect the farm’s productivity. It is necessary to ensure that the cow is free from:

  • Hunger and thirst
  • Discomfort
  • Pain, injury and disease
  • Fear and distress
  • Any limitations on expressing normal behavior

These issues are the key to allowing the cow to fully realize its productive potential.

By using this magnificent device one can check all the given below notifications thru going anywhere anytime just from his mobile Device.

Feeding behavior is one of most indicative behaviors, providing valuable information on the cow’s health and welfare, as well as on its efficiency as a productive animal. Any event in the cow’s life, from lameness to metabolic disorders or pneumonia, is immediately reflected in its feeding patterns.

Monitoring and analyzing the cow’s duration and number of visits to the feed bunk, taking into account lactation status and the group and herd data, improves the feed bunk’s management, resulting in a calculated efficiency index. Transition cows monitoring enables immediate detection of metabolic disorders, which are generated by the high maintenance and production requirements of the postpartum cow’s negative energy balance.

The feed behavior monitoring system enables real-time decision making, resolution of issues and prevention of production losses. Unlike rumination monitoring based systems, which use a delayed and indirect indicator, Herd management systems are based on feeding, a direct indicator, since cows eat before ruminating. The system's unique approach of monitoring feed behavior provides an early alert, saving critical time.
  • Benefits
    • Transition cow monitoring and detection of metabolic disorders
    • Mastitis detection
    • Lameness detection
    • Early detection of BRD
    • Early detection of gastro intestinal disorders
    • Social stress detection
    • Optimization of feed management and evaluation of forage quality

  • Calving Alert

    Herd Management has the world's first and most accurate Calving Alert. The alert was developed to shorten the response time in assisting cows in high-risk scenarios: Difficult calvings (dystocia), twins, cows with a history of difficult calvings, as well as sick, old and fat cows.

    The early warning has many advantages, and allows the farm's professional team to provide real-time response and immediately treat both the cow and calf, which may be in distress. The alert also ensures ample time for preparing the calving pen and transferring the cow to it prior to the calving, which reduces mortality for both cows and calve

  • Advanced Milk Meter

    Free Flow Technology

    Delmer’s Free Flow technology records each cow's individual data in the milking parlor, including milk flow rate, quantity, temperature and electrical conductivity. The data is then transferred to the Herd management system program, enabling the farmer to make vital decisions on the cow’s health and productivity.

    Our Free Flow milk meter offers full control over the entire milking process at each milking point, enabling centralized calibration, cleaning and operation. Our innovative technology ensures that the milk flows freely and uniformly, preventing a major cause of mastitis. The meter contains no moving parts, limiting maintenance costs to a minimum.

    • Free Flow design for easy maintenance
    • 000
      Reduces risk for milk contamination and mastitis infections
    • Measures even small quantities of milk
    • Standalone or in conjunction with automatic ID
    • In-Post ID From any MPC (milking point control)
    Milking Controls
    • Milking
    • Cluster removal
    • Pulsation
    • Flow control pulsation
    • Stimulation
    • Sweep
    • Swing-over arm
    • Stops on kick-off
    Sort Gate and Weighing System: 
    Delmer's technology enables the farm staff to tag cows for insemination or treatments and have them automatically sorted to any of several designated areas when exiting the milking parlor or moved through a squeeze. The Sort Gate can also include a weighing system, which automatically weighs the cows and records the data. The automated cow sorting system reduces labor by automatically separating pre-selected cows for scheduled treatment.