Micro & Semi Micro Balances

The rigorous precision weighing needs essential for analytical testing and quantitative analyses within the pharmaceutical industry necessitate the utilization of high-resolution balances that satisfy the minimum accuracy standards outlined in the US Pharmacopoeia. Consequently, when dealing with weights below 10 mg, micro balances are frequently employed. These micro balances meet the most stringent requirements, ensuring the utmost levels of safety, reliability, and conformity with regards to results.

Model LD 2 LD 5 LD 11 LD 5F LD 205C LD 255C LD 285C
Capacity 2 g 5 g 11 g 5 g 200 g 100 g/200 g 80 g/220 g
Readablity 1µg 1µg 1µg 1µg 0.01 mg 0.01 /0.1 1mg
Repeatability(+/-) 1µg 2µg 3µg 2µg 0.03 mg 0.02 mg/0.1 mg
Linerity(+/-) 3µg 3µg 5µg 3µg 0.7 mg 0.05 mg/0.2 mg
Pan Size(mm/inch) 15θ/0.59θ 90θ/3.9θ 80θ



Key Features:

• Swift measurement times optimize efficiency in every operation, conserving valuable time.

• The micro balance's design, incorporating separate electronic modules and mechanical systems, mitigates temperature fluctuations, ensuring remarkable repeatability.

• The motorised glass draft shield, activated by a simple wave of the hand over infrared sensors, facilitates seamless and rapid handling of minimal sample sizes.

• Automated internal calibration and adjustment accommodate ambient temperature variations at specific intervals, maintaining accuracy.

• The high-contrast LCD display with LED backlight ensures exceptional readability, while a standard RS 232C interface is provided, with USB available as an optional feature.

• Achieve ultra-precise weighing of filters with a specialized metal draft shield.

The high precision weighing requirements in analytical testing and quantitative analyses in the pharmaceutical industry compel use of high-resolution balances that meet the minimum accuracy requirements of the US Pharmacopeia. This leads to the fact that weighing of less than 10 mg, micro balances often need to be used.

micro balances fulfill the most stringent requirements offering highest level of safety reliability and conformity in terms of results.