Herd Management System

Herd Management System

Herd Management Systems- An Essential Product for Today’s Dairy Farmers

What if you had a machine that could monitor your cow herd? What if this monitoring system was almost as good at being your farm manager as you are? This is the premise behind Herd Management Systems–an artificial intelligence-based system that is utilized for the active real-time monitoring of the herd’s health, production, feeding behavior, and heat.

Delmer Group provides a herd management system that aims to provide their customers with the most up-to-date information on the health, production, feeding behavior, and heat of their animals. The system is based on artificial intelligence and uses data from sensors placed around the herd’s area to keep track of its activities.

Choose the best dairy farm management software in Italy by the Delmer Group to keep it simple and manageable at the same time.

What do HMS systems Do?

Herd management systems (HMS) make it simple to record and save data on your cattle, allowing you to get even more use out of your dairy automation technologies.

Your milk meters, paddock feeders (feed behavior analysis), identification tags, and other devices can be configured to automatically transfer data to your herd management system, providing you with the most precise picture of the health of your herd.

To maximize your outputs, you may use this information to establish precise feeding, milking, and drafting guidelines for individual cows. You can also test and assess the effects of various feed ratios on productivity.

HMS uses real-time monitoring, based on a range of metrics, in contrast to other heat detection systems that simply use simple activity deviations, leading to a high rate of false alarms. In short they are far more advanced.

Get the Best Management for your Herd with Delmer

Detecting the start and end of the heat with the greatest accuracy is made possible by our observation and study of the cow's behavioral patterns. The Herd management system effectively determines the ideal insemination time as result, significantly raising the rate of conception and pregnancy.

Systems for managing herds are produced by Delmer. With our top herd management software, you can streamline your dairy operations. It's a cutting-edge system that's straightforward and convenient to operate. We will offer the top-grade online Herd Management System Italy for keeping a track of every little detail.

 The system is not even difficult to install (plug & play). It is simple to keep track of the number of farm animals, their performance and cost parameters, and their financial tracking up until sales with the help of this system. Delmer offers the best herd management software created to increase the productivity and profitability of any farmer's operation.

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