Standard Level Desk Scales

Standard Features:

  1. Compact and Space-Saving: Designed to be compact and save space, ideal for various settings.

  1. Overload Protection: Equipped with overload protection to ensure the longevity and accuracy of the equipment.

  1. High Internal Resolutions: Provides 2,00,000 internal resolutions for precise and detailed weighing.

  1. LED 7-Digit Display: Features a clear and easily readable LED 7-digit display for convenient viewing.

  1. Inbuilt Rechargeable Battery: Includes an inbuilt rechargeable battery for continuous use, offering flexibility in power sources.

  1. Dual Side or External Display: Standard dual-side display or the option for an external display for enhanced visibility.

  2. Multiple Weighing Units: Supports 8 different weighing units, allowing versatility in measurement options.