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DELMER HVLS Helicopter Fans for Cattle Farms, Industrial Sheds, Public Places, Airports, Malls and more

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Maxi-Low-Speed Fan Large volume allows for much better air circulation than conventional industrial high-speed ceiling or floor fans that often cause discomfort and interruptions. Conventional high-speed fans are expensive to run, but they cannot distribute air to maintain the desired floor-to-ceiling temperature.

In summer, the air from the fan gently passes through to maintain a cooler, more comfortable, and more efficient environment. In winter, the same fan pushes air from the ceiling to the floor to keep the environment warmer.


• Warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer
• Airflows from 200,000m3/h
• Maximum Rotation Speed 93 RPM
• Quick Installation
• Spare Parts are always available
• User’s friendly control panel
• Low Noisy
• Minimum Maintenance
• Greater Economic Benefits
Low Energy Consumption
• Safer Work Environment