Delmer iD series basic Gold Melting Induction Furnace
Delmer iD series basic Gold Melting Induction Furnace
Delmer iD series basic Gold Melting Induction Furnace
Delmer iD series basic Gold Melting Induction Furnace
Delmer iD series basic Gold Melting Induction Furnace
Delmer iD series basic Gold Melting Induction Furnace
Delmer iD series basic Gold Melting Induction Furnace
Delmer iD series basic Gold Melting Induction Furnace

Delmer iD series basic Gold Melting Induction Furnace

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  1. Medium frequency which give high homogeneity of alloys due to stirring of the molten alloy. 
  2. Easy to access and operate buttons with LED display.
  3. Programmable power.
  4. Improved power factor.
  5. The furnace controlled by industry leading ARM-7 microcontroller. 
  6. Programmable melting temperature.
  7. Automatic fault detection & display.
  8. Fast melting.
  9. Minimum maintenance required.


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Electrical Power supply  230V Single Phase 230V Single Phase 230V Single Phase
Max. Furnace Power  3kW 3kW 3kW
Useful Capacity 500 gm 1 kg 2 kg
Operating Frequency of converter  <20 KHz <20 KHz <20 KHz
Max. Operating Temp.  1200 '  1200 '  1200 ' 
Dimension  414*550*283 mm 414*550*283 mm 414*550*283 mm
Weight  40 kg  40 kg  40 kg 

  •   Water Supplly Requirements : 8 Liter/min (20°C) min. Pressure 3bar , Max Pressure 6bar , Max temp. 30°C.



An induction melting furnace is a type of electrical furnace , wherein the heating is done by induction of electric current within the charge itself without having direct contact with the induction coil.An induction furnace consist of water cooled hollow copper tubing arranged in different shape according to the requirement; mostly cylindrical shape copper coil is used in the melting industry. Through this copper coil an Alternating Current at high frequency is passed ,because of which a reversing magnetic field is created according to the lenz law.When we put any conductor (charge to be melted ) in this magnetic field an induced cicular current called Eddy Current is generated within the charge.

Heating in induction furnace occur due to two major effect namely,
Eddy Current heating :- In this heating occur by ohmic heating or joule's heating due to the restivity of the charge to the induced electric current.
Hysteric Heating :- Heating (energy ) is produced within the charge by the alternating magnetic field generated by the coil modifying the charge's magnetic polarity. 
This loss is though limited only to the magnetic material , that also only upto the curie temperature , heating beyond which the material losses it's magnetic properties and hence the hysteric heating becomes nil.
Frequency also plays a major role in the heating process though not directly; frequency determines the depth upto which the induction current can reach by an effect called 'Skin Effect'. According to the skin effect the depth of penetration is inversely proportional to the frequency of the alternating current.Thus for purpose of surface treatment or smaller mass of material higher frequency is desired whereas for deeper penetration and larger melt size lower frequency is desired.



  • An induction heating is considered as a green technology because the heating is done only of the charge and there is no waste of energy ; Also no harmful gas or fumes is released making it safer for the worker.
  • As there is no direct contact of the heating element we get a very clean melt with no contamination which is highly desired in the jewellery industry like gold,silver,platinum melting ,laboratory application or where precise control of the composition is required.
  • Induction furnace also provides us with the facility of automatic stirring (the melt is agitated at the induction frequency) which is highly desired for homogeneous melting and alloying.
  • Induction furnace can be frequently turned on and off according to the requirement without any  damage to the machinery. 
  • Very high melting temperature upto 1200-1300°C can be reached within a few minutes.
  • Induction furnace can be used for continous melting and casting.


    Our induction furnaces can be utilised in,
    • Small and medium size laboratory for melting small quantity of materials for testing purposes.
    • Medium scale minting ,melting facilities with capacity upto 30kgs of gold.
    • Precious metal industries dealing in gold,silver,platinum,etc.
    • Copper melting industries.
    • Jewellery manufacturing unit.


      • User friendly design and operation which makes it very easy for the user to learn and operate.
      • For delmer ,customer is of utmost importance ,thus we make customised design according to the need of the customer.
      • Delmer induction furnace comes with automatic frequency adjustment according to the loading type.
      • We are the only manufacturer providing induction furnace with smooth and noiseless operation.
      • At delmer we provide world standard Italian grade quality at most affordable cost in india.
      • Our induction furnace comes automatic current variation to give precise melting temperature.
      • Lowest melting time in the induction melting industry.
      • We are the only provider of single phase variants in the induction furnace industry.


        How much time is taken for the melting ?

        Melting time depends on the quantity and the type of material you are melting. But it usually it takes just a few minutes for the metal get melted and ready for pouring.

        Material being melt in the first cycle usually takes a little more time ,thereafter the times for subsequent melting decreases.

        What is the difference between resistance electric furnace and induction furnace ?

        Resistance electric furnace works on the principle of heating of the resistance coil directly and the maximum temperature that can be reached is limited to melting point of the resistance coil ; Also electrical furnace cannot be used for multiple casting continuously.

        On the other hand induction furnace works on the principle of electric induction and no heating of the coil takes place and maximum temperature is only limited by the crucible and refractory material; Also induction furnace can be used for continous casting.

        Is there any requirement for maintenance ? 

        Yes, you need to change the syndanio sheet every 5-6month and thermocouple needs to be changed as per the need.Other than that no other maintenance is required.

        Is external stirring required ?

        No, the induction melting does automatic stirring of the melt no external stirring is required.

        How hot does the induction coil gets ?

        The copper induction coil does not heat during the melting process and remains at the temperature of the water being supplied.

        Will induction heating increase my utility bill ?

        Not likely. Induction heating is a very effective, efficient means of heating. Most of our customers who are switching to induction from other form of heating like resistance heating ,sees their utility bills go down.

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        Customer Reviews

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