Melting & Casting Machines

Melting & Casting Machines


Melting is the process to heat a metal at high boiling points so that it melts into a liquid form. 

Delmer Group melting furnaces are used to melt metal material for industrial metal forming applications or lab testing. Here we offer the best melting and casting machines in Italy at the most competitive prices. You can also buy melting furnaces through our online channels. 


It Is Metal Forming Process In Which A Molten Metal Is Poured Into A Mould To Fill The Cavity Of Desired Shape Or Design. After Solidification The Harden Part is Known As Casting.

Delmer Group is a supreme casting machine manufacturer, supplier, and exporter. We are proud of our extensive range of superior-quality casting furnaces. We've gold, brass, silver, and platinum Melting & Casting Machines.

 Heat Treatment

It is a stress-relieving furnace in which metal material is heated up to a certain point at which its structural properties change and then cools down in a limiting way to choose desired mechanical properties.


Here at Delmer Group, we have the best machines that melt all types of precise metals. Buy online melting and casting machines at a budget-friendly price from Delmer. With an extensive range of superior-quality casting furnaces, Delmer guarantees to deliver all your needs without a compromise.

Contact us today to get the melting and casting machines at the best price. We supply our products in India, Italy, UAE, USA, Kenya, and Uganda.

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