What are Melee Diamonds?

Melee diamonds, typically under 0.2 carats, serve as supporting cast in jewelry. These miniature diamonds adorn larger stones in engagement rings and wedding bands, adding a touch of minimalism without overshadowing them.

Melee Diamonds

Like bridesmaids to a bride, melee diamonds enhance the centerpiece. Cut like larger diamonds, they feature 57-58 facets for maximum sparkle.

They shine in popular settings such as pavé, halo, and channel, adding brilliance that complements the primary stone.

Diamond cuts - Melee

Melee diamonds are cut in two main ways: single cut and full cut. Single-cut melee diamonds have a basic design with fewer surfaces (17-18) than full-cut melee diamonds, which are more intricate with a higher number of surfaces (57-58).

Melee Diamonds

The intricate cuts on full-cut melee diamonds help enhance their brightness and sparkle by allowing light to interact with the diamond in a way that maximizes its brilliance.

How are Melee (tiny) Diamonds crafted?

Melee diamonds a designed through a fine cutting process to increase their radiance and spread the light from the gems.

They are smaller than diamonds used for big jewelry, and they weigh less than 0.20 carats. Therefore, they are cut with intricate angles to better reflect and refract light.

melee diamonds

There are two main types of cuts for melee diamonds:

  • Single edge
  • Full edge

  • Melee diamonds with a single-cut have a simple cut containing only the 16 facets whereas full-cut melee diamonds include a culet, table, and crown of 57 or 58 facets to produce the most brilliance, but still in small diamonds.

    The process of making a melee diamond involves the use of the latest instruments and requires having skilled diamond cutters for its final perfection.

    Melee Diamonds are more convenient!

    Tiny melee diamonds produce more convenience as they are very easy to be used in various forms of designs.

    Tiny gem-grade diamonds, usually sizes between 0.001-0.2 carats, are often used, like accent stones, to give jewelry items a more finishied apperance to the larger center stones in rings, earrings, and necklaces.

    melee diamonds

    The advantage of melee diamonds is their diversity, they allow bringing many unique settings to reality as well as matching the main diamond with a multiple-ringed design.

    These diamonds easily fit any space offering designers the chance to fill it up with tiny but fine jewelry that can, at the same time, be subordinated to the gem.

    Furthermore, smaller melee diamond is inexpensive relatively to the bigger ones, and, hence, they are preferred for enhancing designs and introducing a sparkle and sophistication to jewelry but with no significant cost added to the jewelry.

    melee diamonds

    Melee diamonds can be used in any sort of jewellry there are no limitations to its use. Whether it is a central stone piece or to glitz up an ordinary piece with bling. To create the illusion that an eternity band never ends, melee diamonds can be used as embellishment.

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