Stainless Steel Cylinders and Stubs (1KG)

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When you need to penetrate right angles or undercut shapes, you use this cylindrical shape. In the vibration and rotation machines, they are combined with balls, planet gears, and stubs along with water and surface-active compounds for the shining step.

For grinding, polishing, cleaning, degreasing, and washing mechanical parts in general, as well as other tasks, Delmer's Finishing Division is equipped with a number of machines. Hardware and apparatus.

These devices are used for fine surface finishing in the jewelry industry. washing and cleaning of the cylinders' semi-finished plaster casting.

Delmer and Metal Finishing worked together to create Delmer-Metal Finishing.

Italian business Metal Finishing, which was founded in 1975, has been a member of the OPOEL GROUP since 2007.

Their special shape is used only in Magnetic Polishers for the polishing stage, especially when there are internal surfaces inaccessible by hand.
The price is 1 kg.