Delmer activity tags (pedometers) for Dairy Cows, Buffaloes & Goats - Delmer Group
Delmer activity tags (pedometers) for Dairy Cows, Buffaloes & Goats - Delmer Group
Delmer activity tags (pedometers) for Dairy Cows, Buffaloes & Goats - Delmer Group
Delmer activity tags (pedometers) for Dairy Cows, Buffaloes & Goats - Delmer Group
Delmer activity tags (pedometers) for Dairy Cows, Buffaloes & Goats - Delmer Group
Delmer activity tags (pedometers) for Dairy Cows, Buffaloes & Goats - Delmer Group

Delmer activity tags (pedometers) for Dairy Cows, Buffaloes & Goats

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Herd management system

Today, every farmer's main goal is to have an economic management system that provides his calves to rise independently and to introduce semen into the genital tract of a female calf of his choice bulls.
Our concept apparently provides farmers with every solution regarding the management of cow-buffalo herds instead of others, providing management systems separately.
Our herd management system is not only providing highly accurate heat detection but also supports to achieve

 Health and welfare tracking
 Analysis of eating behavior to increase efficiency
 Calving Alert
 Advance repair equipment


Unlike other heat detection systems that rely solely on simple operating deviations, resulting in high false alarm rates, HSM utilizes advanced, multi-parameter-based, real-time monitoring. much more. Our monitoring and analysis of the cow’s activity patterns allow for optimal precision in the detection of the time and duration of the heat.

As a result, the Herd Management System pinpoints the optimal time for insemination, significantly improving conception and pregnancy rates. A cow's ability to exhibit natural heat can be limited by many variables, such as cow health, production performance, and the environment. High productivity, limping, metabolic disorders and any other health problems, heat stress, social stress, overcrowding, and the type of barn are known to have a direct impact on the ability to exhibit typical hot behavior of cows. Our SYSTEM's advanced data analysis provides highly accurate temperature detection even below these limits.

Abortion Discovery

Abortion can create measurable financial losses, and early detection of abortions by HMS will minimize those losses. It is essential to continuously monitor the performance of the pregnant cow to ensure that the cow maintains the pregnancy. Detecting a miscarriage at any time during pregnancy helps to avoid significant financial loss. Research on this unique design has shown that investing resources in abortion detection is as cost-effective as investing in new pregnancies.


Detecting when to initiate cycling patterns and assessing their intensity, along with physical data such as size and height, can provide information about a calf's readiness for fertilization. This allows calves to enter the production cycle earlier and lowers the age at conception. Early insemination of calves and reduced age at conception reduces the time and investment costs until the animal is productive. This prevents heifers from becoming pregnant for the first time in an overweight and old age.


Herd management systems can detect cows with active cysts, which can be an important cause of infertility. This condition needs to be treated before cows can be effectively inseminated, and early detection will reduce the cow's opening days. One of the benefits of our continuous behavioral monitoring is the system's ability to identify cows with irregular oestrus cycles. These irregular periods may indicate cystic ovaries. This condition can be a major cause of infertility. Ovarian cysts must be treated before cows can be effectively inseminated. Early detection of this condition helps to reduce the number of days of calving, as well as the costs incurred due to ineffective insemination.


The health and welfare of the herd are a primary concern of dairy managers, as they directly affect farm performance. It is necessary to ensure that the cow does not have:

• Hungry and thirsty
• Uncomfortable
• Pain, injury, and illness
• Fear and suffering
• Any limitation to the expression of normal behavior

These questions are key to allowing the cow to reach its full productive potential.

By using this beautiful device, one can check all the below notifications by going anywhere anytime from his mobile device.

Real-time notifications:

Metabolic disorders
Lying behavior
Feed intake
Water intake
Down Cow
Social stress


Feeding behavior is one of the most indicative, providing valuable information about the health and welfare of the cow, as well as its performance as a producer animal. Any event in the cow's life, from limping to metabolic disturbances to pneumonia, is reflected in its eating habits.

Tracking and analyzing cow times and feeder visits, taking into account lactation status as well as group and herd data, improves feeder management, resulting in calculated efficiency metrics. Monitoring cows during the transition period allows immediate detection of metabolic disturbances, created by the high maintenance and production needs due to the negative energy balance of the postnatal cow.

Food behavior monitoring systems enable real-time decision-making, problem-solving, and production loss prevention. Unlike ruminant monitoring-based systems, which use an indirect and delayed indicator, herd management systems are based on feed, a direct indicator, since cows eat before ruminating. The flow behavior monitoring system's unique approach provides early warning, saving valuable time.


Monitor cows transitioning stage and detect metabolic disorders
Detect mastitis
Lameness detection
Early detection of BRD
Early detection of digestive disorders
Detecting social stress
Optimize feed management and forage quality assessment

Calving Alert
Herd Manager provides the world's first and most accurate spawning alerts. Alerts developed to shorten response times in supporting bulls in high-risk situations:
Dystocia, Gemini, cows with a history of difficult calving, as well as sick, old and fat cows.

Early warning has many advantages and allows the professional farm team to intervene in real time and immediately treat cows and calves that may be in distress. The warning also ensures enough time to prepare the farrowing barn and move the cows there before farrowing, helping to reduce mortality in cows and calves.


• Free Fluid Technology

Delmer's free-flowing technology captures personal data from each cow in the milking room, including milk flow, qty, temperature, and consumption. The data is transferred to the Herd Management System program, enrolling the farmers to make important decisions on the health and properties of the beef. Our free-flowing milk gauge provides complete control of the entire sanitation process at any milk point, allowing calibration, sanitation, and complete operation. Our innovative technology guarantees that milk flows free and alternatively, prevent the key cause of mastitis. Watch with no moving parts, and keep maintenance costs to a minimum.

• Free flow design for easy maintenance
• Reduces Risk of Milk Contamination and Mastitis Infections
• Milk time measurement
• Independent or combined with auto identification


• Milking
• Cluster removal
• Pulsation
• Flow control pulse
• Stimulate
• To scan
• Swivel arm
• Stop at kick-off


Delmer's technology allows farm employees to evaluate benefits for utility or treatment and to have them automatically assigned to one of the multiple designed areas when they have been out of or moving. The sort gate may also include a data loading and automatic weight system. The automated cow sorting system reduces labor by automatically separating pre-selected cows for scheduled treatment.