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Calf Hutches - Delmer Group
Calf Hutches - Delmer Group

Calf Hutches

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Delmer takes pride in offering exclusive calf hutches, a product crafted with precision using recyclable plastic. These hutches feature modular cubicles constructed from a combination of steel and environmentally friendly plastic, showcasing a commitment to sustainability. The design ensures durability, making them capable of withstanding even extreme weather conditions.


  1. Recyclable Plastic: Delmer calf hutches are made from recyclable plastic, aligning with eco-friendly practices and contributing to a sustainable approach in manufacturing.

  2. Modular Cubicles: The hutches are designed with modular cubicles, providing a structured and organized space for calves. The use of steel adds robustness to the structure, ensuring longevity.

  3. Weather Resistance: Constructed to endure extreme weather conditions, these calf hutches are reliable and maintain their integrity even in challenging environments.

  4. Easy to Clean: The design facilitates easy cleaning, allowing for efficient drainage of dirt and waste from the hutches. This not only promotes hygiene but also makes maintenance a hassle-free process.

Delmer's commitment to quality, sustainability, and functionality is evident in the thoughtful design and construction of these calf hutches. The combination of recyclable materials, modular structure, and weather-resistant features makes them an ideal choice for providing a secure and comfortable environment for calves.