Atomizer for Metal 3D Printing - Delmer Group
Atomizer for Metal 3D Printing - Delmer Group

Atomizer for Metal 3D Printing

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What is an Atomizer in 3D Printing?

An atomizer is a component in certain types of 3D printers that utilizes ultrasonic vibrations to turn the printing material into a very fine mist or aerosol before depositing it onto the print bed.

How Atomizer 3D Printers Work

3D printers with atomizers use a specialized print head design. Rather than heating and pushing filament through an extruder nozzle like fused deposition modelling (FDM), the print material in an atomizer system is supply as liquid polymer solution.

The atomizer itself comprises a small nozzle attached to an ultrasonic transducer vibrating at sky-high frequencies. As the solution flows through, the ultrasonic energy turns it into a cloud of microscopic droplets. This mist gets sprayed onto the print bed in precise patterns to build up the object layer by layer.

Once deposited, the droplets rapidly dry and cure via UV light directed at the print area, solidifying each layer. This process based on inkjet-style dot printing allows tiny droplet sizes under 20 microns, enabling high part details.

Atomizer Specifications for 3D Printing

    • Dispersion Technology: Utilizes advanced atomization technology to convert liquid filaments into a controlled fine mist.

    • Nozzle Design: Precision-engineered nozzles for even material distribution, ensuring consistent layer deposition.

    • Material Compatibility: Versatility in handling various 3D printing materials, including plastics, resins, and other liquid filaments.

    • Precision Control: Offers adjustable settings for precise control over mist density, catering to diverse printing requirements.

    • Efficiency Optimization: Maximizes material usage efficiency, minimizing waste and contributing to cost-effectiveness.

    • Adaptability: Compatible with a range of 3D printers, providing adaptability to different printing setups and systems.

    • Surface Finish Enhancement: Enhances the quality of 3D prints with a focus on achieving smooth finishes and superior detailing.