What is your this month's lucky birthstone?


When the temperature rises in July, it is time to bring attention to the vibrant and passionately coloured gemstone known as ruby. Rubies are popular red gemstones that represent love, energy, and vigor.

This gorgeous gemstone has been respected and appreciated for generations, and it is still in high demand among gem lovers.


This blog will therefore explore some of the monumental or historical worth of ruby, the features that make it a distinctive gemstone, and the various ways in which it can be used to represent the stone's fiery core.

Rubies have a long history, dating back more than two thousand years. In ancient India, they were referred to as 'ratnaraj', which means' monarch of precious stones,' and the diamond was supposed to protect the owner from harm and bring wealth.


According to Burmese folklore, warriors would wear rubies around their bodies in the hope that they would transform into unstoppable warriors during combat.

Rubies have long been seen as a symbol of authority, which is why they have been used to adorn crowns and other royal properties.

They fall to the corundum mineral group, which also includes sapphire. The ruby gemstone is red due to the presence of chromium.


The most desired rubies are known as 'pigeon's blood' rubies because of their pure red colour with a blue tinge.

Rubies are extremely hard; they rank third in hardness after diamonds and moissanite, with a Mohs hardness grade of 9.

The ruby is red, with the shade known as deep red or blood-red, this colour has been associated with passion or love. Said to ignite the flame of passion.


Apart from love, rubies serve as symbols of life, power, and determination among people who wear them. It has been suggested that they help in clearing the mind, improving the concentration span, and provoking thoughts.

Aside from love, rubies represent vitality, power, and focus to those who wear them. It has been stated that they aid in cleansing the mind, enhancing attention, and stimulating thought.

Rubies are among the most commonly used gemstones in jewellery across all categories, including rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Because of their vibrant colour, they can be utilized alone or in combination with other stones.

Incorporating Rubies into Your Life

Fashion: Red was a striking colour that could be used to create a powerful fashion statement. You might attempt these three pieces in ruby, which will add drama to your dress while also looking elegant.

Rubies in home décor may add opulent and exquisite touches. If you want to add colour to your living area, look for ruby red accessories like a ruby throw pillow, vase, or piece of ruby artwork.


The July birthstone, ruby, represents love, vigor, and safety. The shirt's charm comes from its colour and history, which make it a timeless piece of clothing.

It makes no difference whether one is drawn to rubies for their beauty or their importance, either way, rubies will always contribute beauty and energy to one's life. So, this July, charge up with the spirit of the Ruby and let it guide you.

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