Today is the total Solar Eclipse of 2024!

Why is the Eclipse 2024 so special, you ask? Because it will be a total solar eclipse, which is an uncommon occurrence for any given location on Earth, the eclipse on April 8, 2024, will be notable.

Anywhere on Earth that witnesses a total solar eclipse will not see one again for almost 400 years, according to Royal Museums Greenwich.

solar eclipse of 2024

When the Moon completely blocks the Sun & travels between the Earth & the Sun, a total eclipse occurs.

The entire eclipse of the Sun is visible to those under the moon's shadow, and the sky becomes dark. The solar corona, or gaseous outer layer, is visible to anyone strolling along the path of a total eclipse.

What is the significance of solar eclipses in astrology?

The sun's eclipse are significant events in astrology because, according to ancient astrologers, they had enormous effects on both individual lives & the entire planet.

solar eclipse of 2024

They represent starts & finishes, development & decay, & important moments in both the narrative & the usually underlying themes.

How to see a live solar eclipse?

As this eclipse will cross North America, passing over Mexico, the United States, and Canada, and it is a rare event for any particular spot, with the next one not occurring for approximately 400 years in the same location.

The 2024 complete solar eclipse is scheduled to stream on Time and Date on April 8, 2024, at 16:30 UTC. In addition, they will broadcast to the public other celestial events like annular and total lunar eclipses, as well as partial lunar eclipses.

solar eclipse of 2024

Astronomy Magazine gives its readers a comprehensive guide on how to view the solar eclipse live online, replete with live streaming from Time and Date and NASA  Additionally, they offer resources and articles about eclipses, including times, paths of totality, and state-by-state recommendations. .

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