Industrial Scales & Load Cell Technology

Load cells are transducers that convert force into measurable electrical output. Thus, making them indispensable parts of industrial scales and other weighing systems.

industrial scales

They can measure such parameters as weight, strain, pressure, and torque and then translate them into a signal that can be measured and standardized.

Load cells are very common components in weighing instruments of different varieties including laboratory balances, industrial scales, platform scales, and universal testing machines.

There exist various types of load cells, which are known for their customized features and applications. The most commonly encountered are mechanical, pneumatic, and strain gauge load cells.

Mechanical load cells, for instance, hydraulic and pneumatic load cells, are typically used in industrial and hazardous applications as they can handle high impact and are insensitive to temperature changes.

Strain gauge load cells are a familiar sight in industrial settings because of their high precision, flexibility, and low cost. Strain gauge compasses comprise a metal body with strain gauges attached to measure the mechanical deformation due to the force applied.

The strain gauges were used to transform the mechanical deformation into the electrical signal which is separately proportional to the magnitude of force applied to the cell.

This electronic signal can be measured and standardized & then it can be used for industrial scales & other weighing systems for industrial applications.

Load cells are positioned just underneath the pan or weighing surface of a scale and the number of load cells can be adapted depending on the scale’s size, shape, and bearing load. Re-calibration every year is a must to check the accuracy & it is adviseable to recalibrate annually for best outcomes.

Finally, load cells are key elements of scales and other scales of measurement, releasing tension through an electrical signal to provide readable weight values.

Considering the fact that there are many kinds of load cells like mechanical, pneumatic and strain gauges among others, then there is a particular type of lead cell for each and every industrial application.

Continuous recalibration procedures guarantee that correct and stable weight values remain accurate all the time.

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