Delmer Group Steals The Spotlight At The PDFA Exhibition

The 17th PDFA International Dairy & Agri Expo 2024 was held at the Cattle Fair Ground in Ludhiana, Punjab, India, on February 3-5, 2024. The Progressive Dairy Farmers' Association (PDFA) was the organizer of the much-awaited event, which promoted agriculture and dairy farming among farmers.

In which Delmer Group took part in with pride, has been extraordinary. Our team saw a remarkable increase in attention and earning potential in just three days, indicating the industry-wide impact of our creative dairy solutions. Let's explore some of the high points of our successful exhibition experience, where we accomplished some remarkable milestones.

Record-setting Sales:

Our flagship goods' outstanding sales performance was one of the exhibition's most notable accomplishments. The Delmer Group is delighted to share that over 1400 of our well-known Pulsators were sold at the event. This tremendous response confirms the confidence that dairy farmers place in the dependability and effectiveness of our milking equipment.

Furthermore, we sold more than 3000 units of our Claw, the mainstay of our product line-up, exceeding all expectations. The Claw's sturdy design and innovative functionality connected deeply with guests, solidifying its status as a favourite choice among dairy equipment enthusiasts.

Bookings Abounding:

In addition to our outstanding sales, the show brought us a ton of bookings of our Wally system and Milking Machine. In a span of three days, a great number of dairy farmers took advantage of the chance to obtain these creative solutions, realizing that they could improve productivity and optimize their farm operations.

The quick adoption of our Wally system and Milking Machine demonstrates the increasing need for modern technology that enables dairy producers to streamline their day-to-day operations efficiently.


In conclusion, the exhibiton's success is evidence of the Delmer Group's commitment to providing unmatched dairy solutions and their creativity. We have established a new benchmark for excellence in the industry with record-breaking sales of over 1400 Pulsators and over 3,000 Claw units, in addition to sharp increase in bookings for our Wally system and Milking Machine.

While we celebrate this success, we're also dedicated to pushing the envelope of innovation and giving dairy farmers around the world the resources they need to succeed in a constantly changing environment. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who stopped by our booth and contributed to make the event a huge success.

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