Delmer Tilting Furnace
Delmer Tilting Furnace

Delmer Tilting Furnace

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Tilting MELTING Furnace FSB The static tilting furnaces consist of a swivel head which is mounted the heating inductor, connected to the induction of MF via two flexible cables, copper water-cooled. The medium frequency induction circuit with melting high speed is set within a frame built with solid aluminum enclosed by panels powder coated. The swivel head made up of panels Sindanio asbestos-free and aluminum plates mounted on a stable base, the rotation is on two points by a motor acting on a tree where they placed two pulleys. All controlled by a control panel with rollover and emergency.

Electronic Box Overall dimension mm 750x860x1450 750x860x1450 750x860x1450
Titeling head overall dimensions mm 740x800x1310 835x800x1310 1060x800x1150
Weight Kg 399+180 399+260 399+310
Carbide cruciale capacity Kg  18,7kg Au 18kt 12,7kg Ag 925 42,0kg Au 18kt 28,5kg Ag 925 71,0kg Au 18kt 48,6kg Ag 925
Max Temperature °C 1150°C (1450°C optional) 1150°C (1450°C optional) 1150°C (1450°C optional)
Water Flow Lt/min 8 8 8
Installed Power kW 25 27 32
Supply Voltage V 3x400V-3x220V (50/60 Hz) 3x400V-3x220V (50/60 Hz) 3x400V-3x220V (50/60 Hz)
Supply Voltage V 3x400V-3x220V (50/60 Hz) 3x400V-3x220V (50/60 Hz) 3x400V-3x220V (50/60 Hz)
Optional Optical Pyrometer with support
Optional Flame protection Kit Burner
Optional Graphite crucible with ceramic and fixing ring

Hand remote control with adujstable tilting speed with onward approaching in the mould