Automatic Milking Parlours

Automatic Milking Parlours

Milking each cow by hand is a tough process for a farmer. Although milking parlours are the places where cows are milked on a dairy farm at once. Additionally, cows can be milked through bucket milkers or pipeline pumps in their housing area. Delmer is the leading manufacturer of the best milking machines at the best prices. There is no doubt that milking is one of the most sensitive and crucial stages of dairy farming. We've got the best cow milking parlours and buffalo milking parlours.

Milking parlours increase your animal labor efficiency, provides ergonomic advantages, and reduce the risk of injury, both traumatic and repetitive stress-related. Increase your milk quantity and milk yield easily with Delmer's best milking parlours at the best price and run your business or farm automation smoothly.

A milking parlor is a separate space in which cows are kept to be taken for milking purposes. Cows are transported to a milking parlor and then returned to a feeding and resting area after being milked. Bucket milkers or a pipeline milking system can be used to milk cows in their living area. 

Delmer has many types of best milking equipment, like milking buckets, milking clusters, milk metering, etc. You can easily buy them online from the official website at affordable prices. Overall, our milking parlors guarantee high-performance milking with better quality results, and we ensure good animal health, avoid stress, and optimize milk yield and quality. Delmer provides the best technology and high-performance milking machines and milking equipment. We can also assist you with the installation and planning of your system.

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