Melting & Casting Machines

Melting & Casting Machines


Delmer Group melting furnaces are used to melt metal material for industrial metal forming applications or lab testing. Here we offer the best Melting & Casting Machines at the best prices. You can buy melting furnaces online.


It Is Metal Forming Process In Which A Molten Metal Is Poured Into A Mould To Fill The Cavity Of Desired Shape Or Design. After Solidification The Harden Part is Known As Casting. Delmer Group is a leading casting machine manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of an extensive range of superior quality casting furnaces. We've got gold, silver, brass, and platinum Melting & Casting Machines.

 Heat Treatment

It is a stress-relieving furnace in which metal material is heated up to a certain point at which its structural properties change and then cools down in a limiting way to choose desired mechanical properties.


Delmer Group offers the best Melting & Casting Machines that melt all types of precise metals. We provide melting and casting machines at a budget-friendly price. This is the process of pouring molten metal into a mold to fill a cavity of the desired shape. The hardened part is called "casting" after solidification. With an extensive range of superior-quality casting furnaces, Delmer is a leading manufacturer of the best Melting & Casting Machines.  

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