Milking Machines

Milking Machines

One of the simplest automatic milking systems is a cow, buffalo, or goat milking trolley, which consists of a wheel-supported chassis that has a whole milking equipment attached. Because Milkline's milking trolleys are simple to use and move, both the animals and the milkers can be as comfortable as possible when milking.

Without any extra assistance, you can automatically milk more animals at once. optimum strength, resistance, and longevity; entirely made in Italy. There are many configurations available for you to pick from so you can select the one that best suits your requirements.

Looking for a milking machine manufacturer in Italy? First, read up the details of Milking Machines and their type configurations.

Primary Aspects of the Milking Machines

  • Appropriate for large or small, pasture or stall rearing
  • made entirely by Milk line, who also designed it.
  • High-caliber and long-lasting parts made in Italy
  • handling and cleaning simplicity
  • It is accessible to cows, buffaloes, sheep, and goats.

Before you search for the best milking machine manufacturer online, you can check the primary features and then take a look at the type of configurations you may require. After that, place your order with Delmer Grouop.


In the milking machine, suction is used to extract milk from the teat. A vacuum pump, vacuum controller, pulsation system, milk transport system, and cluster make up our cow milking apparatus. 

Wheels: plastic or rubber tires

Chassis: with or without flexible support arms for milking clusters

Milking bucket: plastic 30-liter bucket; stainless steel 25-liter bucket

Pulsator: pneumatic or electronic

No. of milking clusters: one or two cows/buffaloes; two or four sheep/goats

Vacuum regulator: spring-operated

Vacuum tank: 14 liters, 15 liters, 22 liters

Empty tank indicator: analog pressure gauge

Vacuum pump: fully equipped with lever switch and electric wire

Power supply: 230 V electric motor, internal combustion motor

Improve your dairy farm with the best milking equipment Delmer has to offer. The world's top manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of cow milking equipment are Delmer. Our milking apparatus is intended specifically for use with cows, sheep, and buffaloes.  You should buy a milking machine online at Delmer and get the best products. We believe in quality over quantity. The best milking machines are available for purchase at the lowest possible cost.

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